Full Automated Skid

WSI’s Fully Automated Skid is leading industry technology for centralized metal working fluid distribution throughout a manufacturing plant.

What Is A Fully
Auto-mated Skid?

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and customizable features, we are committed to delivering effective and efficient solutions that drive optimization of production processes, achieve cost savings and meet sustainable goals. Our Skid also incorporates a state-of-the-art programmable logic controller (PLC) for convenient on-site and off-site monitoring, enabling real-time data access and remote control capabilities to streamline operations.

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How we use Fully Automated Skid's
to change the world

This allows the Customer to optimize concentrate usage, make-up supply to Plant equipment (CNC’s) and reclaiming of returned metal working fluid. The system is modular base and can be trailer made to the Customers needs. This includes the filtration and removal of tramp oil of returning metal working fluid from the Plant as well as the introduction of biocides to prevent bacterial growth. All being controlled automatically.

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Fully Automated Skid
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Facts Sheet

  • Fully automated system (PLC)
  • Pre-Mix metal working fluid supply to Plant equipment (CNC’s)
  • Coolant Recovery
    • Filtration
    • Tramp oil removal
    • pH correction dosage
    • Reclaim coolant transferred to pre-mix tank
  • Volume recording of both recovered and pre-mix fluid
  • Modular system and can be tailored to the Customer’s needs.

4. Filtration

3. Reclaim coolant pH correction

2. Concentrate dosing control

5. Tramp oil removal

1. Pre-Mix holding tank


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WSI's Fully Automated Skid is an advanced waste-water treatment system that optimizes production, reduces costs ...

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