Mobile Filtration

WSI's Mobile Filter Carts are designed to clean Computer Numerical control (CNC) sumps and return filtered coolant back to the CNC in a short turnaround time.

What Is A Mobile
Filtration Cart?

A Mobile Filtration Unit or Vacuum Filtration Unit (VFU) is a specialized device used in industries to separate solid particles from liquids through vacuum filtration. It consists of a vacuum pump, suction hose, filtration medium, and collection/drainage system. The VFU extracts fluid with suspended solids, captures the solids using a filtration medium, and collects the purified fluid. VFUs provide efficient removal of contaminants, extending equipment lifespan, improving system performance, and reducing maintenance and cleaning times. They are essential for achieving cleaner and more efficient fluid systems in industry.

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How we use A Mobile Filtration
Cart to change the world

Our Mobile Filtration Carts are designed to clean Computer Numerical Control sumps and return filtered coolant back to the CNC within minutes.

We provide customized Mobile Filtration Carts, meeting essential industrial filtration needs which could be applied to various oil and coolant applications. Our VFU units are safe and easy to use, each successfully removing suspended solids such as chips, swarf and solid waste from the coolant. The coolant is safely withdrawn using a suction hose which is powered by a vacuum pump, minimizing cleaning times. Suspended solids are filtered through fleece paper and a primary or manual drain is then used to remove the filtered fluid. An additional benefit of the VFU500 is that surface oil can be separated before returning the fluid to the CNC sump. Our VFU units will ensure your machines and your coolants are kept clean. With the speed and efficiency of the VFU unit you save time and money on your machines.

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Mobile Filtration
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Facts Sheet

Safe removal of all substances (dirty coolants, grinding swarfs and chips), using sufficient suction to minimize duration of cleaning:

  • 500L holding capacity
  • Filtration of the liquid
  • High pressure cleaning function
  • Easy to operate with full mobility
  • Forklift accessibility

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We provide customized and effective waste-water treatment systems in order to optimize production whilst decreasing the cost of water recycling and effluent disposal in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Mobile Filtration Cart

WSI's Mobile Filter Carts are designed to clean Computer Numerical control (CNC) sumps and return filtered coolant back to the CNC ...

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • RO Systems producing from 250 l/h to 12 000 l/h
  • Pre Filtration (DMI65, AFM, GAC, Activated Carbon, Katalox)
  • Bacteria Treatment (UV Light, Chlorine Dosing)
  • Post RO Disinfection (Quantum Disinfection on Molecular level)
  • Anti-scalent (Genesys LF)
  • Booster Pumps (VFD Driven)
  • Holding Tanks
  • Installations
  • Maintenance (Chemical Flush of Membranes)